Sleep Dentistry is more affordable than you may think.

At Blackwood Dental we will provide a treatment plan with indicative fees.

As a guide, Anaesthetist Costs are:

Up to 1/2 Hour $550 (Medicare Rebate around $170)

45 Mins $600 (Medicare Rebate around $185)

1.0 Hour $660 (Medicare Rebate around $185)

1.25 Hours $715 (Medicare Rebate around $220)

1.5 Hours $760 (Medicare Rebate around $220)

This fee is paid directly to our Anaesthetist, on the day of the procedure. We issue a receipt that can be taken to Medicare and in most cases you will receive a 1/3 of the initial payment back as shown above.

Those patients with Private Health cover, please contact you insurer to determine if your insurance will cover out of pocket expenses.

An IV Facilitation Fee is also charged by Blackwood Dental in addition to treatment prices for each patient:

Standard Fee is $100

Those patients eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule and do not have Private Health Insurance, will be bulk billed for their dental treatment, meaning no out of pocket expenses, except for those incurred by the Anaesthetist.