Dear Patients,

We have been working hard over the day with SA Health to determine exactly the level of COVID-19 restrictions that will apply to dental practices as of now.

At this stage – we have received confirmation that Level 4 ADA Restrictions will be in place from the 21st of July 2021 and until further notice.

Only the following dental treatments are to be managed during Level 4 restrictions:

  • Swelling of the face, neck or mouth 
  • Dental trauma causing change in the position of teeth, soft tissue damage and/or significant pain 
  • Significant bleeding 
  • Difficulty opening the jaw and/or swallowing 
  • Referral from a specialist medical practitioner for assessment or management of a patient receiving urgent medical care for medically necessary dental care 
  • Dental pain causing loss of sleep 
  • Ulcers persisting for 3 + weeks

We must defer all dental treatment for patients not fitting the risk categories identified above. 

We must defer dental treatment for confirmed, probable or suspected cases of COVID-19 where alternative management options (such as antibiotics or pain control) are appropriate until recovered and released from isolation.

Thank you for your understanding,

The Team at Blackwood Dental